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The Boys of Summer

The Boys of Summer

I can see you….your brown skin shining in the sun…you got your hair combed back, sunglasses on.

You can just hear Don Henley singing those words as you read them. Although his meaning of the song surely isn’t kids eating watermelons, that’s what were using it for!

A couple weeks ago we went out on Oakley’s Farm and had some fun with boys and watermelons. I have been wanting to do a series of photos for a while now called the boys of summer. I figured this was the best way to start. Watermelon is a fruit often associated with summer and so is farming so we put the two together. I went a step further and had them wear overalls, (I think they looked adorable)

I plan to have several more shoots this summer documenting boys and summer themed things. It was a lot of fun to photograph my two boys (Marshall and Callan) and their best friend Luca and just let them act silly and be boys because that’s exactly what I wanted.

Luca also has an incredibly sweet and beautiful sister named Leila. Although we said boys of summer, she was not going to be outdone and jumped in and brought the PERFECT amount of sweetness and charm to these wild and silly boys.

Have you ever seen anything cuter?

STAY TUNED for more from this crew and The Boys of Summer

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